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To the home of the most clinically advanced veterinary thermal imaging solutions on the planet.








  • IR Camera + Tablet System

  • Unparalleled Image Resolution

  • Widescreen Viewing

  • Rugged Tablet Protection

  • IR Flash Software included

  • Bluetooth Connectability

  • Indoor / Outdoor Use

  • Adjustable Neckstrap and Stand

  • Portable



  • Detector Array: FPA (VOx)

  • Pixel Resolution: 640 x 512

  • Frame Rate: 30Hz

  • Pixel Pitch: 17um

  • Thermal Sensitivity: <.02C at 30C

  • Temperature Range: -20C – 140C

  • Operating Range: -40C to 80C

  • Accuracy:+/- 1C

  • Spectral Response:7um-14um

  • 75G Shock/4G vibration

  • Screen Resolution: 2160 x 1440

Digatherm Tablet

The NEW Digatherm IR Tablet was developed for superior image accuracy and viewing ease. The large HD viewing screen makes the image easy to understand and to annotate if required and also an excellent way to show a client and help them 'visualise' their pet's discomfort.  Automatic software updates allow your camera to stay current when any updates are released. We will ensure your investment will be picture perfect.

Benefits Include:

  • A 1 step camera that allows instant download to surface tablet PC for the easiest way to store, email and view images.

  • Accuracy of +/- 1 degree Celsius

  • Largest HD viewing screen allows improved interpretation and client visual

  • Automatic software updates via wifi connection

  • Modern, dedicated analysis software that simultaneously takes real time and thermal images

  • Easily asses active physiology to help complete the spectrum of current diagnostics

  • Cost effective for practice and for customers

Digatherm's manufacturer cameras are used by the experts including Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, University of Texas, Penn State, NASA, School of Aerospace + Mechanical Engineering, US ARMY and US NAVY, to name a few... extensive list available upon request.




  • Detector: Vandium Oxide

  • Pixel Resolution: 320 x 256

  • Frame Rate: 60Hz

  • USB 2.0 for Power & Data

  • Built in Shutter

  • Rugged Tablet Protection

  • IR Flash Software included

  • USB, HD Video Out

  • Bluetooth 4.0



  • Detector Array: FPA (VOx)

  • Pixel Resolution: 320 x 256

  • Frame Rate: 60Hz

  • Pixel Pitch: 17um

  • Thermal Sensitivity: <.03C at 30C

  • Temperature Range: -20C – 140C

  • Operating Range: -40C to 80C

  • Accuracy:+/- 1C

  • Spectral Response:7um-14um

  • 75G Shock/4G vibration

  • Screen Resolution: 2160 x 1440

Weston-super-Mare, Somerset,

United Kingdom

Tel:  07963 518490


8:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Monday - Saturday


10:00 AM - 4:00 PM




Digatherm UK is a family business that became a natural progression born from a passion for veterinary imaging.  Our Director started her journey into researching the benefits of Digital Infrared thermal imaging (DITI) after a chance meeting with a medical doctor who advocated it's use in superficial cancer detection in humans.  Following on from this, more research into the use of DITI in animal diagnostics and rehabilitation was conducted together with a thorough global search for current options suitable for veterinary imaging.

Very few units made the grade - either because they needed to have an additional source of power rendering them impractical for mobile use or they were typically of poor or dated specification and offering nothing in terms of software upgrades.  Only one company ticked every box for innovation and practicality and that was Digatherm LLC.

The Digatherm IR Pad was without peer and stood head and shoulders above the rest in terms of its technical specification and the dedication of the 'brains' behind the unit and it's software development - it truly offered game changing potential in the field of diagnostics and also simply for a first class improved standard of care.

There was nothing currently in the UK or Europe that was vaguely similar so it was decided that the best route forward would not be to simply offer a scanning service to vets, but to import and offer the equipment so that vets could integrate the technology into their practices to offer an additional service to clients but also to see the financial returns that many vets in the USA are already reporting.  

Digatherm UK are committed to being involved with cutting edge research - any post grad or under grad university students wanting assistance with dissertation projects should contact us directly.




Determining the emissivity of pig skin for accurate infrared thermography (2014)

Veterinary applications of infrared thermography (2015)

Reliability and repeatability of thermographic examination and the normal thermographic image of the thoracolumbar region in the horse (2004)

Medical Infrared Imaging (Thermography) of Type I Thoracolumbar Disk Disease in chondrodystrophic Dogs (2011)

The Use of Infrared Thermography as a Rapid, Quantitative, and Noninvasive Method for Evaluation of Inflammation Response in Different Anatomical Regions of Rats (2015)

Mastitis detection in sheep by infrared thermography (2013)

Research into the diagnostic value of DITI is on the increase in both medical and veterinary fields.

Whether you are visualising the angiogenic properties of inflammation or vasoconstriction following neurological impairment etc, DITI offers the veterinarian an alternative perspective of the body from which to draw conclusions or direct additional diagnostics or treatment.  DITI is now in a position where it can complete the electromagnetic spectrum field of diagnostics.

If you are interested in research papers from a specific genus or even a particular species please CONTACT US and we will try and help you.

This small list of sample papers is a fraction of the credible work currently being published in this area

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Digatherm UK has a very simple vision and corporate ethos:-

We strive to provide professionals with the very best that the world has to offer in DITI technology.

We are committed to ensuring that we stay involved in relevant research in both medical and veterinary fields.

Training is paramount and we will be with our clients every step of the way to guarantee seamless integration into the working practice.

We will provide a full working package, assist in installation and provide additional training, in addition to ancillary training, with our medical director to finely tune image acquisition or interpretation.

Our team will always offer the highest levels of customer service and go 'above and beyond' for each of our clients.

We aim to be the premiere choice for veterinary DITI in the UK and Europe - we welcome feedback on any aspect of our operations, please feel free to CONTACT US with questions and/or suggestions





Here is a small selection of our videos - we have many more on our youtube channel.

Our Medical/Veterinary director Dr. Ron Reigel takes us through the fundamentals of Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging.  

Dr. John Wesson DVM explains why he chose to integrate Digatherm's IR pad into his modern practice

Dr. Jeff Smith DVM explains how he uses his DIgatherm IR Pad and what benefits it brings to his practice.


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